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June 16, 2021

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June 17, 2021

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June 21, 2021

Meth Lab Operations Class 1900hrs

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History of the Greenwood Fire Company

The Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company, (GVFC), is extremely proud of the apparatus and equipment that has been acquired over the past seventy-five years. We have diligently worked hard to maintain and raise money to effectively operate a first class fleet of emergency vehicles and to provide our community with reliable equipment and extensively trained members.

GVFC members are frequently involved in fundraisers such as the Annual Fund Drive, Chicken BBQ, Roast Beef Stands, and many other fundraising events. The proceeds received from these events often help to maintain equipment and upgrade the existing equipment to better serve our community.

The GVFC also has great pride in teaching the children in the community. Our fire prevention program has expanded over the years and has become one of the best in the state.

Brief History
  • The Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company was organized
    • First Officers
    • President H.W. Pearson
    • Vice Pres. George W. Hawks
    • Secretary/Treasure W.S. Lord
  • May 6- Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company had 20 active members and 18 associate members.
  • July 14- A decision was made by the Town Council to drive an experimental well for fire use.
  • August 15- Held first Fireman's Carnival. The ferris wheel that was originally purchased for use in Greenwood Carnival was sold to Sharptown Volunteer Fire Company and is still in operation today at their annual Fireman's Carnival. Profits from the first annual Carnival were $1,621.75
  • October 17- Purchased 12 complete rubber suits for the firemen, including the complete suit for the chief. Boots$4.65; Coats7.25; Hats $2.00; and two pair of rubber gloves to withstand 2300 volts of electricity.
  • November 7- Purchased a fire siren at a cost of about $230.00. All emergency calls were routed to the firehouse and a resident that occupied an apartment over the firehouse manual
  • November 14- Purchased a type "B" single electric siren with a 21/2 horse power motor.
  • December 15- Adopted a motion to accept a 30day option on John A. Bradley property. Price named $2,000.00.
  • January 19- Town Commissioners bought H.S. Taylor lot and will lease the front part of the building to Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company.
  • May 14- Members have responded to 10 alarms to date.
  • June 19- Purchased a Hale, 250 gallon capacity pumping truck with a 100 gallon chemical tank and 100 feet of small hose and 500 feet of heavy hose. Purchase price was $2,875.00.
  • December 4- Purchased Parker property or $1,750.00. Rented the rear of Cohee's garage at a rate of $2.50 per month except in the winter in which the rent would rise to $7.50 per month.
  • January 15, 1927 Started serving annual dinners to the public to raise money. Members solicited townspeople prior to the dinner and collected donated goods such as canned foods and chickens to use for the dinners
  • 1927 The Firemen participated in a baseball tournament opposing a boys team from the high school. A profit of $9.47 was submitted.
  • August 4- Bill for digging out dirt under the shed for a concrete floor at the old fire house: 1 1/2 hours shoveling dirt; 5 1/2 hours shoveling dirt; 3 hours leveling dirt. 20 hours total labor at 30 cents per hour. Total bill $6.00.
  • The firemen participated in a play named That Path Across the Hill along with community members.
  • October 21- Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company No. l, Inc. joined the Relief Organization of the Delaware Volunteer Fireman's Association.
  • Fire Company sponsored a stockcar race at Nanticoke Raceway.
  • The suggestion was made on painting the soon to be purchased 1971 Great Eastern Pumper green. After careful consideration, the body of the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company voted to have their new engine painted green. Of course, a fire company cannot run just one green apparatus, so the trucks already in possession were painted green as well, with the exception of the Model T.
  • July 10- Members participated in a donkey ball game to raise money for the company.
  • April 29- Moved out of the "Old Firehouse" on Market Street and into the new station between the dual highway (Route 13).