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June 16, 2021

Junior/Probationary Training

June 17, 2021

Sussex County FC,FP,AA Mtg @ Sta.74

June 21, 2021

Meth Lab Operations Class 1900hrs

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For several years after the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company (GVFC) was organized & providing fire protection in our community. The Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company(BVFC) was responsible for providing our community with an ambulance service.

In 1980, several members of our company enrolled in the Ambulance Attendant Certification courses that were provided by the Delaware State Fire School. After refurbishing an old Dodge resdue truck, these individuals began to run medical assist with BVFC (Station 72) on all emergency medical calls within Greenwood. Our first ambulance was purchased & put into service in 1981. At the time, there approxiamately twenty certified ambulance attendants providing emergency medical services to community. Mr. Donald Donovan Sr. was the first ambulance captain & held this rank for several years.

Presently, the GVFC has 1 full time employee and 32 part time employees that proctect the community 24/7. The personel are comprised of Emergency Medcial Responders, Driver only, as well as Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Techincians.